Ambient Guitar Looping with Ebow #1

I’ve been an Ebow user for quite some time. I’ve been through a few. Even had one of the old school originals with the automatic shut-off feature. Ahhh…

I put the device down for a while, but have been spending more time with it in recent months, looking to improve my ebowing skills. Many players I have heard don’t use it for very complex melodies because it is cumbersome to switch strings, but with a little practice it can be done. I hope to post more examples in the future as I work on and hopefully improve on my string switching capabilities.

This piece is a simple guitar loop with delay, followed by a layer of Ebow.

Equipment used:
Carvin Holdsworth signature model HF2
Morley Steve Vai Little Alligator Volume Pedal
Avid Eleven Rack
Heet Sound Products Ebow
Strymon Timeline
tc electronic Ditto

Signal path — Carvin to Eleven Rack to Effect send to Volume Pedal to Ditto looper to Strymon Timeline to Effects return back to Eleven Rack.