Ambient Guitar Loop Challenge Part 1

As the video below indicates – I’ve set myself a challenge.

I normally create ambient guitar loops using hardware. Amps, effects pedals, the like. I do from time to time, need more flexibility, and thus sometimes create loops withing my recording (DAW) software. I can then ensure that the tempo is exact and reconfigure the loop in the middle of the recording or mixing process. SO – the challenge is to see if I can create loops in various software packages that sound the same or very similar to a hardware-based loop. Hopefully, you will find this challenge to be of use, in particular if you need software-based looping capabilities.

The first part of the series introduces the challenge and demonstrates how I set up the hardware-based loop that I will be comparing the software packages to.

Equipment used:
Carvin Holdsworth signature model HF2
Morley Steve Vai Little Alligator Volume Pedal
Avid Eleven Rack
Strymon Timeline
tc electronic Ditto

Signal path — Carvin to Eleven Rack to Effect send to Volume Pedal to Strymon Timeline to Effects return back to Eleven Rack.