seasonal trajectory – Carvin Holdsworth HF2 Fatboy / Strymon Timeline

Another song for the album is in progress. The working title is – seasonal trajectory. I got into a volume pedal thing for this one. I am a long time fan of Phil Keaggy’s early work with the volume control on his Les Paul. He was able to get a great trumpet sound that really blew me away as a young guitar player. Here’s an example of his work with Paul Clark:

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll be able to play like him when I grow up. In the meantime, my humble contribution to the ranks of volume pedal guitar music…

Equipment used:

Carvin Holdsworth signature model HF2.
Morley Steve Vai Little Alligator Volume Pedal
Avid Eleven Rack
Strymon Timeline (awesome delay unit!)

Signal path – Carvin to Eleven Rack to Effect send to Volume Pedal to Strymon Timeline to Effects return back to Eleven Rack.