Electro-Harmonix OD Glove

Does the world need more people doing effect pedal demos on YouTube? I dunno, but I did one. I will probably do a few more. Hope you will forgive me.

Anyway, Electro-Harmonix recently introduced the OD Glove overdrive/distortion pedal. I decided to try it out as the price was very very affordable. By the way, if you don’t play guitar, and are not familiar with overdrive pedals, just know that they are designed to introduce harmonic distortion into the amplified guitar signal. The cool thing is that distortion can have a very musical sound if the electronics are designed properly and the guitar player knows how to utilize it.

Anyway, the OD Glove is a more modern sounding distortion pedal with a “Marshally” thing going. I could write a bunch of text about it, but I think it is better to let you see and hear it. Hop you enjoy…