Lucy Ambient Guitar Album Track 6 Rough Mix

If you are new to this series of songs, a quick summary – The new Chords of Orion album (mid-2014) is in progress. It is based on a William Wordsworth poem ( The challenge is to write and record a song for each of the 8 lines of the poem. This is the 6th song written, and the 4th line of the poem. As with all the songs from the album posted so far, this is a preliminary “rough mix”. After all the songs are recorded and previewed on YouTube, they will undergo a final mix, be mastered and officially released.

Equipment used:
Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy HF2
Avid Eleven Rack
Strymon Timeline
TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper
Morley L’il Alligator Volume Pedal
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 firewire audio interface

Signal path — Carvin to Eleven Rack to effects out to volume pedal to Ditto to Timeline to effects in to Focusrite