Lucy Ambient Guitar Album Track 4 Rough Mix

Pushing the new album of AMBIENT GUITAR MEDITATIONS forward!

Song #4 is entitled “With rocks, and stones, and trees”, the eighth line of the Wordsworth poem the album is based upon (

This is a “rough mix” release. Vocals at the end will change and there may be another guitar track that sneaks in.

EBow and Strymon Timeline are key players in this track. The Timeline was used to create the drone/pad that glues the song together.

Equipment used:
Fender Blacktop Baritone Guitar
Carvin Holdsworth HF2 Fatboy
Avid Eleven Rack
Logic Pro X

Signal path — Fender/Carvin to Eleven Rack to effect send to volume pedal to Strymon Timeline to effect return to computer.